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The Mother Parvati family, all the colleagues involved in the group, congratulates the hearty welcome.

The companions of the mother Parvati family are all happy to be healthy and prosperous, keeping this vision visible.

Companions At present, every person is taking risks to meet the needs in life and to run his family smoothly day by day. Like traveling on vehicles, do not stop God going on in the winter and in the rain Any unpleasant event decreases with someone.

But the colleagues do not know about the disaster and the risk. If such a situation arises on someone, it will be the duty of all the members of the Mother Parvati family to provide financial assistance to that family. But for this we need to add more and more people to this family. Because the larger the group, the more financial aid it can get.

For example: If there are 1000 members in the Mother Parvati family and every member gives at least 100 rupees from his pocket, then there is no huge amount of money, but the victim family is 1000 times 100 = 100000 one lakh , The financial assistance of rupees can be received immediately, from which the family will not face the financial crisis. And that family will be so happy that today 1000 families are linking for me and standing with me for cooperation.

So the teammates will have the strength to bear the loss of the family's mentality and the risk due to the risk.

So friends, join today in this troublesome task and join the maximum number of people, make a successful effort to make the Mother Parvati family, too big.

Contact to join the family - 9617238900

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